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The Short Version

Malcolm Kelner is an actor, writer, and comedian based in Los Angeles.

The TLDR Version

Malcolm grew up in a middle class Jewish family in Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. One of four kids, he was constantly active— involved in countless activities in sports, music, and the arts. Acting was one of Malcolm’s favorites, and throughout many classes and performances in local theatre, he was told by teachers and spectators alike that he had “it.” But despite widespread encouragement to make a serious commitment to acting, sports were Malcolm’s main passion at the time, and when it came time to pick a college, Malcolm decided it was a no-brainer to follow in his older brother’s footsteps— go to school for broadcast journalism, and eventually become a sports broadcaster. So Malcolm chose Emerson College in Boston, for both its outstanding journalism program and also the opportunity to play NCAA baseball, a lifelong dream.

Midway through his time at Emerson, Malcolm had somewhat of an epiphany. His journalism classes and internships at sports news stations were mildly satisfying, but something was missing. All his work revolved around athletes performing on the field, while he was literally and metaphorically stuck on the sidelines. At about this same time, Malcolm was also realizing that, despite relentless effort, the secondary dream of playing professional baseball one day was a bit too ambitious for his modest athletic gifts. So he knew that a career as essentially a middle man, reporting on people living out a dream that was unattainable to him, would not be fulfilling. He wanted to create his own story.

Thus during his junior year, Malcolm decided to return to an early love and explore what Emerson’s prestigious film and performance departments had to offer, taking the acting classes that were available to him, as well as acting in the films of Emerson film students. The acting bug had officially been caught again. That same year, Malcolm and two friends created a satirical publication called Lion’s Tooth, essentially The Onion for Emerson College, and it turned into a hit at the school. Through those creative outlets, Malcolm rediscovered his natural passions—performing, creating, and making people laugh. After all, they were the only activities that matched the thrill of being on the baseball field, so he knew he wanted to dedicate his life to them.

After graduating from Emerson in 2016, Malcolm made the move to LA in mid-2017 to do just that. Follow his work online or on a screen or stage near you!