Ever since his Dad showed him a copy of The Onion at a young age, Malcolm was hooked on satirical writing. He went on to become a co-editor of the satirical newspaper Mr. Gazette in high school, co-founded the satirical publication Lion's Tooth in college, and most recently spent time freelancing at Funny Or Die, where he wrote over 100 featured articles that accumulated over 1 million views, including one that Snopes had to debunk after a bunch of people thought it was real, and J.K. Rowling’s lawyers threatened legal action (yikes). He is currently working on the web series Making Malcolm, and writes, shoots, and posts new comedy sketches weekly on his Instagram and YouTube pages (linked on the bottom of the page).

Selection of Funny Or Die articles:

Beautiful: When This Man Saw A Muslim Woman Getting Harassed On A Train, He Made A Facebook Status About It

So Cool: Pope Francis Just Came Out As An Atheist

Concerning Study: More And More Americans Are Referring To Their Additional Income Sources As "Side Hustles"

I'd Take Birth Control So Women Don’t Have To, So Now That You See How Good Of A Guy I Am, Will You Have Sex With Me?

Tech Breakthrough: Elon Musk Just Invented A Talking Robot That Only Says "Elon Musk"

Selection of Lion's Tooth Articles:

EDITORIAL: Why They Should Rename The Boylston T Station After Me

Report: Sorority Members Upset Facebook Didn’t Add A “Stop” Button To Use On Sisters’ Profile Pictures

Report: Student Getting Way Too Comfortable Swearing In Class

Editorial: Why I Stopped Wearing My “Emerson Football – Undefeated Since 1880” Shirt

A Marketing Class Was Discussing Black Friday. What This Student Said Next Blew My Mind.

Selection of comedy sketches: